Smart Room vdr

Smart Room VDR Pros and Cons

Virtual Data Rooms are the most popular business solutions for storing and sharing information today. They play the role of a link between two transaction stakeholders, providing the proper security and management functions for optimized business processes. VDRs are used in a wide variety of industries, and as such, there is a wide range of choices on the market. Choosing your VDR provider can be a time-consuming process, so in this article, we will take a look at one quality VDR solution, Smart Room, and highlight its main qualities.

Smart Room Data Room is a key characteristic

Smart Room specializes in providing services in industries such as law firms, investment banking, and corporate exchanges.  Therefore, the provider has concentrated in its functionality exactly those features that such organizations need so much, and now VDR offers a high level of hosting and document exchange security, a wide range of tools for managing sensitive data, the possibility of secure discussion within the platform and much more.

Today, Smart Room is considered a top VDR provider and is listed as a reputable VDR solution, while providing adequate pricing at a fair price-performance ratio. Smart Room has a very strong security base and mainly targets medium and small companies. Throughout its experience in the marketplace, the provider has helped manage half a billion dollars worth of transactions. At the same time, the data room provides an easy-to-learn interface and supports 9 languages, and for each of your projects, the company provides a qualified manager and team that you can turn to at any time.

Key Benefits of VDR Smart Room

Below we will highlight the key benefits of Smart Room VDR and how they can benefit your business:

  • Full integration with the Microsoft office

Undoubtedly, the majority of all existing documents are created using Microsoft programs, and for you to work with these programs in one centralized space, the smart room offers you full integration. Work with Excel, Word, or RDF without leaving the VDR program.

  • Create secure links and share documents

Thanks to the smart lock feature, Smart Room ensures you have complete security while sharing your sensitive documents with others, both inside and outside the space. Only those who have been given proper permission can access and interact with the links. Once a link has already served its purpose in a transaction, administrators can remotely destroy it for third-party visibility, even if the document has been uploaded to a third-party space. 

  • Automated Smart Sync

 The smart synchronization feature will allow you to always work and forward only relevant documents, eliminating confusion and awkwardness during the transaction process. All changes that have been made to a document are automatically synchronized with all other versions of it, even those that are on your desktop or have already been sent to another user. Therefore, you do not need to resend the same file several times with different versions.

  • Detailed permissions and advanced reporting

Be in charge of control during transactions. Administrators themselves control the level of access of other users to the documents and can see absolutely all of the actions of other users thanks to the program’s automatic reports. Reports can be customized and receive more detailed versions, which improves the analysis of the current transaction.

  • Pricing

To find out how much does a Smart Room VDR cost, you need to check with the vendor itself, as they follow an individual pricing model. Each client selects their own unique set of features, and based on that, the provider calculates their payment for the service.